We work so hard, and receive is so little in return. We may or may not get paid well for what we do. We might enjoy our co-workers or not. It is a belief many of us have, the harder we work and the more money we make we will find happiness and success. True success starts with being happy. For most of us we spend more time at work then at home. Try these simple 7 steps to achieve being happy at work.

  1. Work in the moment. Try not always to think about what’s next but instead, pay attention to that very moment. Take a deep breathe. It will get done.
  2. Tap into your resilience. Stress comes with the job. Work with the stress and train your body to deal with it accordingly.
  3. Manage your energy. Energy? Feel it? Now try and work with yours and control it and notice the changes around you.
  4. Do nothing. Literally do nothing that has anything to do with work. Taking bike ride, attending a book club
  5. Be good to yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Don’t be critical or compare yourself to others. This is self care.
  6. Step outside your comfort zone. Your brain is built to try new things and thrive on different experiences. You will be surprised at the benefits.
  7. Show compassion to others. Take time to volunteer or go out of your way to help others at work. The rewards are endless.