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Christina Moubarak

Christina’s path to becoming a certified life coach is as diverse as it is inspiring. The tie that binds all of Christina’s experiences is the ever-present need to help others. In Christina’s hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin she worked for 15 years in the Chamber of Commerce. Her roles were many and her value easily recognized. She assisted non-profits in setting up as well as acquire funding. She provided small businesses with guidance on licensing, business plans as well as raising capital. The importance of communicating and networking was ever-present. Helping others, communicating and networking all played a role in Christina’s business called Belanno – a foreign language school for children. It was born out of the realization that primary education was missing out on a wonderful opportunity to assist children in broadening their spectrum of language at a time when they would be most receptive to it. Christina’s diverse background at the Chamber allowed for her to utilize her exceptional networking skills. Paired with her patience and desire to help and be an asset to her community Belanno did not only succeed, it flourished.

Upon moving from Wisconsin to Charlotte, NC, Christina recognized a need in her new community and started Virtual Smedia. Once again, guiding others and helping them realize their goals was the driving force in starting this marketing and networking venture. While working with these small business entrepreneurs, Christina recognized that the problems her clients had, as well as the solutions, did not always relate to marketing. With each passing “marketing” work session the realization set in that there was a much larger scope to help and guide people. This scope delved well beyond marketing.

During a period of self-evaluation, Christina reflected on her past and present success and paired that with the enjoyment she received in helping others and assessed that her talent and passion lie in coaching. Seizing the moment, she became a Certified Life Coach and Practitioner of EFT, Mindfulness, and NLP. The culmination of her many years of experience working and helping others is Verity & You.

Verity & You pulls from Christina’s diverse background as the foundation to offer a wide range of services for you to choose from. From practical skills to personal connections, clients can approach their development with a grounded perspective that incorporates all levels of being so that they can create transformational results in their daily lives, either personal or business.

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“From the moment we meet, I felt Christina’s spark for life and was drawn to it. She is super sharp and beautifully genuine — a rare combo. Once you meet her, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Christina can hear you fully in a way that few can. She gets to the heart of the matter. Her personal experience and deep understanding produced insights for me that were invaluable. The wisdom in Christina’s coaching was key in gaining a new view and moving me through the cloudy place I was before to the clearer, more conscious place I know now.

The tools and perspective she helped me hone have taken me to an entirely new level. These days, I feel peaceful, or know how to get there, no matter what is going on. My life unfolds before me and even the struggles feel like a form of grace. For that I am ever grateful.”

Tanya L