Do you have a mentor or a coach? Mentoring you through a process can help you sort out or dig deeper into an issue. I found it to be most interesting as I mentor people many of them say: “I knew that, but I have forgotten.” It seems like when we are stressed out and our instinct is to create chaos instead of taking the time to go to the source of the answer.

Then we get into this vicious cycle of forgetting, confusion and repeat. Let’s break that pattern today and recognize that the best person to do that for you is YOU.

Then we get even more frustrated and beat ourselves up for forgetting and the vicious circle can spiral downward – we forget, create more chaos, beat ourselves up again, causing more chaos, which then makes us beat up on ourselves. You get the picture, and it isn’t a pretty one.

I am challenging you to go within yourself and look at your inner wisdom. Think about your brilliance. There is nothing more powerful that you. You have the answer if you take time to listen. Today you don’t have that mentor or coach next to you; it’s just you. So here is what I want you to do. Grab a notebook and write 500 words or less, what you know to be true. Write it as if this was the last time you could do this, and you want people to know what your wisdom is. Just write and don’t worry about grammar or structure or if it is right, let it come from your heart. Put it away in a drawer and re-read in a week. Those words that you wrote might just touch you in a way that you didn’t realize. This will be one of your best personal resources when the chaos begins to reflect back on your wisdom.